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The term “Merchandising” is used broadly in the retail industry. At R³, we define Merchandising as the selection, planning and purchasing of product to be made available for sale and the presentation of those products in such a way that creates interest and compels customers to make a purchase.


While most consulting firms focus on either eCommerce or traditional brick and mortar merchandising, R³ focuses on merchandising as an omni channel concept. We work with our client to understand their specific merchandising strategies and needs across channels and then help them to build the plans, infrastructure and execution approach to achieve their goals.


  • Market Opportunity Analysis

  • Assortment Competitive Assessment

  • Site Merchandising Audit

  • Merchandising Process Audit

  • Inventory Audit

  • Competitive Benchmarking

  • Merchandising Organization Assessment


  • Assortment Strategy & Planning

  • Merchandise Financial Planning

  • Inventory Planning & Forecasting

  • Staffing & Resource Planning


  • Process and Infrastructure

    • Assortment & Merchandise Planning

    • Product Setup

    • Inventory Forecasting & Management

  • Product Data Management



  • Finished Product Sourcing

  • Supplier Sourcing

  • Product Content & Image Acquisition

  • Product & Content Setup

  • Site Product Page QA & Publishing

supply chain

In the evolving omni channel environment, all retailers regardless of their channel presence are looking to their supply chain to find creative ways to get the right product to their customers when and where they want to purchase it. Supply chain strategies like ship to store, ship from store, drop ship and inventory and fulfillment rationalization are enabling retailers with the tools needed to improve speed to market, product availability and the overall omni channel customer experience.


  • Drop Ship Program Audit

  • Warehouse Process Audit

  • 3PL Partner Evaluation

  • Ship From Store Audit

  • Ship To Store Audit

  • Carrier Contract Review

  • Business Case & P&L Modeling

  • Shipping Costs & Surcharge Analysis


  • Implementation Planning & Roadmaps For:

    • Drop Ship Programs

    • 3PL Launch

    • Ship From Store

    • Ship To Store

  • Supplier Onboarding Roadmap & Planning

  • Initiative Resource Planning

  • Long Term Staff Planning


  • Partner Selection Mgmt

    • 3PL

    • Freight Carriers

  • Process and Infrastructure

    • Drop Ship

    • Ship From Store

    • Ship To Store

    • Warehouse Mgmt

  • SLA & Compliance Definition



  • 3PL Implementation Management

  • Warehouse Implementation Management

  • Omni Channel Fulfillment Implementation Mgmt

  • Post Implementation Performance Evaluation

  • Post Implementation Compliance Monitoring


Store and direct operations teams are the customer service face of your company and your brand. It is critical that the operations teams have strong consistent processes and flow of information in order to deliver valuable and consistent customer support.


Our experts focus on improving processes to build efficiencies and developing new capabilities to improve the omni channel customer experience in call center, web operations and store operations.


  • In-house vs. Outsource Call Center Evaluation

  • Call Center Audit

  • DC Operations Audit

  • Store Operations Audit

  • Web Operations Process Evaluation


  • Resource Planning for omni channel initiatives

    • Call Center

    • Distribution Center

    • Web Operations

    • Stores

  • Operating Model Design

  • Change Management Planning


  • Call Center Selection

  • Process Documentation & Training Guides

    • Call Center

    • Web

    • Store

    • DC



  • Call Center Launch (in-house or outsourced)

  • Distribution Center Launch

  • Project Management


Technology is the key that will drive future success in the retail industry. All retailers and suppliers will find themselves needing to invest in technology to improve efficiencies, control costs and create the omni channel customer experience that consumers world wide are starting to expect.


We help clients prioritize technology enhancements and implementations to best fit their needs. Whether a client is looking for a point solution, a suite of solutions or an ERP, our experience in reviewing, negotiating, selecting, designing and implementing all kinds of systems helps our clients find the right solution and save costs in both the short and long term.


  • System Audits and Gap Assessments

  • Buy vs. Build Analysis

  • Business Case & ROI Development


  • System Implementation Planning & Roadmap

  • Implementation resource planning

  • Operating Model Design


  • Systems Requirements Documentation

  • RFP and RFI Development

  • Solution Selection Management

  • System Architecture Plans

  • Business Rule Development



  • Solution Implementation & Integration

  • QA & UAT Support

  • Go-Live Planning & Management

  • Implementation Project Management

drop ship program

The success of your drop ship program is important to us.  Our belief is that a successful, stable and scalable drop ship program needs to be based on a solid foundation and strong processes that allow you to manage the program and your suppliers easily and efficiently.


We help clients to build a solid program from the ground up or to identify areas for improvement in existing drop ship programs.  


  • Drop Ship Program Assessment and Improvement Recommendations

  • Resource Allocation Assessment

  • Evaluation of Order Brokering and Order Management Technology


  • Program Improvement Planning & Roadmap

  • Implementation resource planning

  • Operating Model Design


  • Order Broker Integration Requirements

  • RFP and RFI Development for Provider Selection

  • Provider Selection Management

  • Program Infrastructure Documentation and Process Development


  • Solution Provider Selection Management

  • Provider Implementation & Integration Support

  • Vendor Onboarding Support

  • Certification Testing Support

  • Go-Live Planning & Management

  • Implementation Project Management

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