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R³ Consulting Partners

From strategic insight

     and planning to tactical

           execution and delivery

our mission

At R³, our mission is to help our clients drive profitable consumer transactions through innovative solutions and process efficiencies.


We recognize every client we work with wants to leverage leading practices but has unique requirements and capabilities. At R³ we won't throw best practices at you and leave it to you to figure out how to make it work. Instead, we leverage our best practice knowledge and experience to work side by side with your team to identify effective solutions tailored specifically to the needs of your business...then we help you implement them.



  • Requirements Development

  • RFP & Vendor Selection

  • Systems Architecture

  • Business Policies, Process and Procedure


  • Implementation & Integration

  • QA and UAT Support

  • Go-Live Planning & Management

  • Project Management

  • Training & Staff Augmentation


  • Audits & Assessments

  • Competitive Intelligence

  • Benchmarking

  • P&L Modeling

  • Recommendations & Advice


  • Initiative Strategy

  • Planning & Forecasting

  • Operating Model

  • Initiative Roadmap

  • Organization

Some of the companies our consultants have helped

areas of expertise

drop ship
supply chain

did you know?

Our logo is derived from the Golden Ratio of 1.618, represented by the letter Phi (φ). Demonstrated by Leonardo of Pisa (aka Fibonacci, 1175-1250) while studying population dynamics, a series of numbers generated by adding the previous two numbers to make the next number in the series results in an ever increasing number set (0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21, etc.) where eventually the next number in the set divided by the previous number is equal to this golden ratio value of 1.618. A graphical representation of this can be obtained by building successive rectangles with a dividing line equal to the golden ratio and then creating a spiral by blending circles described by the squares that are naturally created. This, of course, results in the famous golden spiral that is manifested all around us in the natural world and is the inspiration for our logo.


The lesson for us is that in business, as in the natural world, there are underlying patterns that should be understood and leveraged but are constantly evolving. We must strive to keep up and understand how shifting patterns and practices change the way in which the world of commerce operates and to remember that the status quo may not always be the best way to attack a particular problem or issue. Our clients present unique challenges and we are constantly working to find innovative solutions always keeping in mind the natural order at work and using it as a guide in our efforts.

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